We have a huge range of gifts, games, and party supplies to make your Bachelorette Party go with a bang! Whether you’re having a small intimate party with a group of your nearest and dearest or an all out extravaganza we have plenty of ideas on how to make the Bride to Be feel special. Here is a small selection of our Bachelorette range.

There is always much more in store so come on down and check us out!

Please be aware that our stock can change and we do not guarantee availability of these products.

Bachelorette Party Supplies

Penis shaped drinking straws are fun at any party, but especially at a Bachelorette! There are always many different styles to choose from, here is a small selection!
Nothing says Bachelorette Party like a good cocktail, and these Pecker themed martini glasses are perfect to serve them in!

The perfect cocktail for your martini glasses would, of course, be the Absolute Hunk. Shake 2oz Vanilla Vodka, 1/4 oz pineapple juice, 1/2 oz lime juice and 1/2 oz suger syrup with ice then strain into your martini glass! Delicious!

What would be better to set off your delicious cocktail than a Sexy Pecker drink stirrer? Why not go all the way with Sex Action party picks? Would there be anything better to pick up your cocktail wieners with? i think not!
We also have a great range of shot glasses especially for bachelorette parties. Everyone loves shots but have you had a Screaming Orgasm? Check out the recipe below!

Having and enjoying a Screaming Orgasm is very easy. Just shake 3/4oz Ameretto, 3/4oz coffee liquor and 3/4oz Irish cream with ice then strain into a shot glass. For an extra indulgence add whipped cream to the top.

These sexy and sweet ice cube trays will add that little something extra to your bachelorettes drinks. You can also use the trays as jello moulds for shots or dessert!
Cake is always good, but penis shaped cake is even better! After icing the cake use chocolate sprinkles to decorate certain areas for a more realistic look!
But these wicked cake pans arean’t just for bachelorettes, they can be used for birthdays, divorced parties (you get to hack away at a penis) or just for fun.
What better way to present the party nibbles than in a giant penis? These platter are handily sectioned off into 3 sections allowing space for chips and dips, nuts, candies, fruit, anything you can think of! The platter could also be used as a giant jelly mould. They come in 2 different sizes to suit all your needs!
We also have a large selection of other items, such as paper hats, napkins, plates, drinking cups and cutlery which will help the party go off with a bang!
For those of you who want a bit of everything we have the Bachelorette Party in a box! This great kit contains a huge amount of things that will make party planning easy, including cutlery, straws, napkins, paper cups, hats, a pecker platter, sexy ice cube tray, games, and a mystery gift…. hmmm, I wonder what it could be?
We also have a large variety of decorations for you party, including banners, centrepieces, flags, confetti and much much more!
Balloons are another way to decorate, especially if the have naked men on them! These balloons aren’t the only ones carried at Wild Impulse though. We have penis shaped ones, plain ones, printed ones, pearl ones, ones that congratulate, you name it we have it!
Having a party with lots of people who don’t all know each other? Don’t want to forget their names? Then Party Girl name tags are for you!


This booklet contains 10 challenges that muct be completed by the Bachelorette and supervised and approved by the girls. Challenges include kissing a bald mans head and dancing on a chair.When the Bachelorette has sucessfully completed all the challenges she will recieved a certificate of XXXcellence!
This Penis Pinata is a great starting game for a bachelorette party, and a great way of distributing favours! Instead of filling the Pinata just with candy, why not throw in some pillow packs of your favourite lubricant or stimulating gel? You could put panties inside, or candy cuffs, or a candy garter. Maybe a tube or two of Dickalicious or Oralicious? Whatever you want to make your party memorable!
A traditional game with an amusing twist! You could even turn it into a dare game, you miss you have to complete a dare or challenge!
This bowling set comes with 10 pins, 2 balls and a whole lot of fun! You could play for prizes, drinks or dares!
This game has everything you need, a naked man…. as I said everything you need!
These game pads test your knowledge of the bride and your daring! Why not add prizes for who did the best?