Wild Impulse carries a variety of scales from several manufacturers. The selection is constantly changing and the products listed below are just a sample of the types and brands of hand-held scales available at the store.

Please note that all stock may not currently be available in store.

My Weigh i5000H

My Weigh C 300 Convertible

My Weigh iScale

My Weigh 400-Z Performance

My Weigh 400-ZH Performance

My Weigh Palmscale 6.0

My Weigh MX-300

My Weigh Triton T-2

Proscale 600 LUXE

Proscale Credit Card

Proscale LC 300 Series

Proscale XC 2000 Series

Proscale Number Series

Proscale Ashtray Scale

Tips to maintain your digital scale:

1. Keep the scale away from air conditioners, heaters, moisture or other extreme temperature changes.
2. Avoid using your scale near other electronics in the home. These devices can lead to inaccurate scale readings.
3. Keep your scale away from dusty and dirty environments.
4. Do not overload the scale! Too much weight can be hazardous to the health of your scale and can also void the warranty.
5. Handle with care.